Timeline: Medical milestones for the iPhone

By: Brian Dolan | Jun 22, 2011        

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Withings Blood PressureJanuary 5th, 2011: Withings, developer of the WiFi-connected weight scale WiScale, announces two new products: a blood pressure monitor and a baby monitor that both connect to Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Each device will feed collected data into their own respective apps. More

January 20, 2011: Dr. Dan Schultz, former Director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health at the FDA, participates in a webinar moderated by Dr. Leslie Saxon, the Executive Director of the University of Southern California’s Center for Body Computing. Saxon asked Schultz if mHealth companies should wait to bring products to market while the FDA figures out how best to tackle the new challenges brought about by connected health devices. “I would not say that people should be sitting and waiting,” Schultz said. “There is an opportunity for companies to do their own self-assessment and document the results of that assessment. Then, should there be changes and more specific regulatory policies then at least they have something to go back to and say that they didn’t just go out there willy-nilly and market a product that was a device without going to the [FDA].” More

January 27, 2011: An iPhone application to enable users to help strangers in need of emergency CPR, created by interns at Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Applied Informatics, garners big news. The app allows users who have been trained in CPR and who are willing to help strangers in need, to receive an alert if someone is located in their general area. When a 911 dispatch center receives a call for an emergency occurring near the user, a push notification is sent to the user with the victim’s location along with an alert about whether an automated external defibillator is located on the way or nearby. More

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