Apple’s top 50 iPad apps for doctors

By: Brian Dolan | Oct 8, 2011        

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By Brian Dolan & Chris Gullo

iPhone Apps

In September, Apple added a new section to its AppStore for healthcare professionals.

It has been an ongoing challenge for healthcare professionals to find useful apps for care settings. While a handful of blogs exist with recommendations from individual medical students or physicians, Happtique has emerged as a filtered medical app store of sorts that intends to make it easier for healthcare facilities to distribute apps. Happtique recently announced 11 hospital partners will pilot its offering.

Around the same time, Apple launched a new healthcare app section for professionals. In its first iteration this “iTunes healthcare room” is a small space that highlights slightly more than 50 of the 3,662 medical apps found in the app store that are intended for use by medical professionals. (For more on those, be sure to check out our report on Professional Medical apps.) You could assume then, that these 50 apps are the top 1.3 percent of medical apps in Apple’s opinion.

Unfortunately, this iTunes room, this special healthcare apps section for medical professionals is not very easy to find. While there may be others, the only apparent link to it is on’s iPhone enterprise section. It’s buried. The AppStore sometimes features an ad for the section but not always. How does that really help medical professionals find apps then?

Finally, the original intent of Apple’s medical category was for it to be a section of apps for healthcare professionals. A medical student suggested Apple create it, and they did. The curation of the section was poor, however, and today it offers thousands of apps intended for use by consumers — many of which aren’t even health-related.

So, what appear to be Apple’s top 1.3 percent of medical apps for healthcare professionals? We have compiled a slideshow of the apps below and broken them into the categories that Apple uses in its healthcare professionals section. Curiously, almost all of the apps in this section also have made for iPad versions, too. Read on for a brief description of each and some screenshots of the apps’ iPad versions:


Definition: Medical reference apps provide information about medications, diseases, conditions, and other medical topics.



The Merck Manual – Professional Edition
The Merck Manual’s iOS app is a digital version of its reference text. Users can browse the app by section and by symptom, and the app automatically logs what sections users have read.

WebMD for iPad
WebMD’s iPad app for consumers includes a symptom checker, drug & treatment information, first aid essentials, and local health listings. The app also includes a pill identification tool.

WebMD’s physician app had the distinction of being the most downloaded free medical app of 2010. It includes a drug interaction checker, procedure reference, and daily medical news updates.

Microdex Drug Information
The app is described as “a free resource for on-the-go access to the industry’s most trusted clinical reference information, providing users the peace-of mind of knowing the information is from Micromedex, coupled with the ease of use of iPhone and iPad.”

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  • Spol70

    What about azumio great pulse and stress meter? Great apps!

  • Fass_1998

    There are great apps on muscle system for those interested on muscle diseases and botulinum toxin injection. They may be found fpr iPAd too. There is an app on muscle tenderness points in miofascial pain (a great app, as well). Yesterday I downloaded an app by Elsevier on neuroradiology with around 200 commented cases. Just be patient, and you’ll find what you need,

  • Ember Scott

    Thanks for the article!
    Every doctor can make his own mobile apps using snappii. It’s a do-it-yourself platform for making apps easy and fast!

  • Win_Eckert

    Microdex Drug Information

  • Win_Eckert

    The correct name of the app is “Micromedex Drug Information,” not “Microdex Drug Information.”

  • Rhinocomics

    Great list! You might include ACCP-SEEK self-study app for pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine in future reviews. 

  • Jenea79

    A great charge capture solution that has their app out is MediMobile!!
    Go to to find out more information.

  • Rafael Grossmann

    I just wanted to recommend that you check out the recently released TEDx talk “iPod Teletrauma”, at TEDx or Youtube.  Regards

  • Damon Lynn

    If you want your patients to track their symptoms and report to you, check out “My Pain DIary”  Patients love it! Docs do too!

  • drrjv

    OsirixHD is the best imaging app – works with any DICOM/Pacs system. Not proprietary like all the others.

  • dianaframe

    The article mentions one of the better-known apps for searching PubMed (PubMed on Tap). As a frequent user of the medical literature, I found the selection of PubMed search apps for iPhone to be lacking in certain features, like selecting from a list of results, and creating multiple Collections on different topics. I worked with a developer to create PubSavvy, an iPhone search app that has more features than most. Those who are interested in delving in to the rich PubMed database more deeply can check it out at 

  • Thomas Cleary

    I’ve found two great apps from a company called 3D4Medical that really help with patient education:  Muscle System Pro III and Skeletal System Pro III.  Here’s the link to their website:

  • Nitin

    more and more health apps coming to the market. it was a nice article..good read. We have also developed this full working patient care app for iPad users. easy to use, secure (password protected) and easy to afford. Good supplement tool even if you have subscribe to web based EHR apps or other iPad patient care apps. visit this website to find out more: or download via iTunes:…  Tags: iPad EMR EHR Patient Care App Patient TrackMate electronic health record prescription manager notes taking ability physician medical healthcare users. We are continually making our apps better and stay up to the date with the trends, markets and features being asked by our esteemed users.

  • Jennifer

    Interesting, I didn’t see any SOAP Notes apps on the list — those are still used for keeping notes right?

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  • Kroben

    Thanks for the app! However it lacks organization apps. Doctors like me tend to be very busy and without my Beesy app for time managing and scheduling ( I don’t know how I could bear so many work and information!