Google Body relaunches as Zygote Body app

By: Chris Gullo | Oct 17, 2011        

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zygote-body-thumbnailsGoogle Body Browser, a Google Earth-like explorer for the human anatomy that launched last December as part of the now-defunct Google Labs project, will be reborn as a free Android app and web application called Zygote Body, according to a report over at MedGadget.

Google Body Browser allowed users to explore human anatomy via a three dimensional browser that included layer options (such as skin, tissue, and bone). The Body Browser was part of Google’s Labs project, which showcased prototype experimental apps developed by Google engineers. Google Labs’ closure was announced in July and it officially ceased operations on October 14th.

The developer Zygote created the 3D models used in the Body Browser. While Zygote is releasing their own application that builds off the Body Browser, Google announced that it plans to open source the code for Body Browser and make it available for free to developers soon.

Here’s the full message from Google posted on Google Body’s site last month (the site is now redirecting to Zygote’s page):

“As Google Labs winds down, we will be retiring Google Body. However, you will soon be able to find its functionality elsewhere. We are working on open-sourcing the code that powers Google Body so that anyone will be able to create and run a searchable 3D viewer. We are also working with our partner, Zygote Media Group, on an application called Zygote Body. This application will be free, available on the web and on Android, and will enable students, teachers, and others using Google Body to continue to have access to a human anatomy browser.”

According to our recent report on professional medical apps, there were 242 anatomy apps available for download in Apple’s AppStore as of July 2011. MobiHealthNews expects that number to spike to more than 350 anatomy apps by next summer.

Google’s better known health-related offering, Google Health, was shuttered this past June due to an inability to scale up user adoption. Google announced the shutdown of Google Labs — and, in turn, Google Body — one month later.

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Read more about the Zygote transition over at MedGadget here.

  • Jibreel Muhammad

    It is a really nice app. The only problem I have with google body right now, is that I’m not able to pan around the body.  Some of the body parts aren’t labeled as detailed as I would hope for them to be (e.g. Upper/Lower tooth), but the app has a lot of potential.   I also wish I could add different layers, such as bones and organs, together.

  • Georget

    What a bunch of crap. They get users into the web browser, then discontinue it before Zygote’s web site is launched. Thanks, not.

  • Ryan Chapman

    I wish the APP worked a little more like the browser where I can have more than one system shown, like muscles sitting on the bones… On my android APP you can see just one at a time which makes finding landmarks a bit more difficult