IntelliDot CEO has worked “feverishly” on mHealth

By: Brian Dolan | May 5, 2009        

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intellidot_patient_safety_system_logoJim Sweeney, the founder of CardioNet and new CEO of handheld barcode scanner company IntelliDot, has no interest in Intellidot as it operates today:

“This company in its current form is of no interest to me,” Sweeney told Xconomy during a recent interview. “I have a vision of what can happen in terms of wireless technology and applications. I intend to take the company forward into providing lots of wireless connectivity to patients, nurses, and hospitals, and taking data out of the hospital into outside servers. That is where all of us are going.”

Sweeney has founded eight successful healthcare companies:┬áCaremark, CarePartners, CareGivers, Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, or CAPS, McGaw, Coram, Bridge Medical, and CardioNet. For the past decade, however, he has been working “feverishly” on incubating innovation in the field of wireless healthcare.

Sweeney says healthcare has a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs because “it is very poorly managed and really focused on the wrong things. In many cases the patient is the last person who gets the attention of the system.”

Sweeney envisions a world of connected health where wireless devices and sensors transmit vital signs and other biometric data seamlessly (and without the patient having to do anything) to online health records for patient, caregiver or physician review.

“All of this sensed information leads to electronic medical records,” Sweeney told Xconomy. “If we can collect your data and take that information from the doctor’s office to a server, it wouldn’t matter where you were in the world and which doctor you saw, that doctor would have access to your data… The patient owns his medical information. What I envision is that he can also bring it with him.”

Read the Xconomy interview with Jim Sweeney for more (excellent piece).

  • Philippa Kennealy MD MPH CPCC PCC

    I hope Mr. Sweeney plans to work very closely with physicians (not the MBA executive ones but the folks still slaving away in practices and at the bedside). Too often apps and technology fail in clinical healthcare settings because of a failure to truly understand the psyches and needs of physicians as they are engaged in their work flow. Most of today’s EMRs are testaments to this lack of deep understanding.

  • Alex Herder

    That could be very cool. Most of what we’ve done at Voxiva has been in resource-constrained environments and while we are in the developed world, our focus still tends to be on using base-level tech that everyone can access–SMS, USSD, etc. There is some great potential in the way more complicated arena of total information synchrony that this vision predicts, and I hope to benefit from it one day.

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