Apple’s top 11 iPhone apps for nurses

By: Aditi Pai | May 9, 2013        

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PatientTouch by PatientSafe Solutions


Here’s how the company describes this app: “PatientTouch is a Mobile Care Orchestration solution that enables you to orchestrate people, processes, and data in real time. By connecting frontline clinicians to their patients, care team, and existing EHR infrastructure, PatientTouch improves safety, quality, efficiency, and nursing satisfaction, while reducing costs. Ultimately, PatientTouch allows you to spend more time on direct patient care. PatientTouch delivers Positive Patient Identification (PPID) workflows, clinically contextual communications, and configurable care interventions.”

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  • Daniel Kivatinos

    Try for taking medical notes!

  • Rick

    For communications, Medigram has been great. We use it in our office regularly.

  • StartX

    Go Medigram! StartX thinks you’re awesome! The team building this product is superb. Glad to hear from Aditi Pai that the medical community is embracing this!

  • Adrian Barker

    Can I also recommend taking a look at the Nurse Diary app? Manage shifts and homelife – integrates with other calendar – has alarms and localised resources.

  • Bozorg

    eBroselow SafeDose is a complete solution for bedside medication administration. It is a fantastic nursing tool. Take a look at it.

  • pipidu83

    Did all of you already try Dozzy ? Still free for a few days !