Microsoft launches Bing health and fitness app

By: Aditi Pai | Jul 3, 2013        

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HF---egg-nutrition_131D9C82Last week, Microsoft announced Bing Health and Fitness, an app that tracks diet, health and exercise, according to an official Microsoft website, Bing Blogs. The app syncs to Microsoft HealthVault, which brings in data from other health trackers such as blood glucose monitors, electronic scales, and activity and medical monitors. Bing Health and Fitness is a part of the Windows 8.1 Preview, a pre-release of Windows 8.1, the OS that runs on all Windows devices including computers, tablets and phones.

Along with Health and Fitness, the preview also includes a Food & Drink app and updates to the Bing Maps app. According to an official Windows blog post, Windows 8.1 will launch later this year through the Windows store.

The fitness tracker offers users a space to monitor and record workouts. The app not only tracks exercise, but also offers more than 1,000 exercise videos and tutorials. To search within the database, a user browses by body part, duration, difficulty or equipment type.

The diet tracker will identify foods, provide calorie counts and nutrition facts and show how much exercise is needed to burn off the calories. The nutrition tracker has more 200,000 foods cataloged and offers weekly or monthly reports with self customized nutrition goals.

The health tracker allows the user to record his or her weight, height, vaccinations, blood glucose and cholesterol numbers. 3D body maps and the symptom checker help users understand the human body. 3D body maps shows the mechanics of different body parts while the symptom checker offers suggestions for potential conditions based on the user’s symptoms. Bing Blogs says this feature is meant to be a reference guide, not medical advice. In this section, Bing also offers information and articles about popular conditions, medications and procedures.

In March, Microsoft HealthVault launched an app for the Windows 8 operating system to run on tablets, W8 phones, and computers.

  • Chris

    This is actually quite interesting and very cool of Bing to put this together. We’ll take a look at which devices and such will sync up with it.

  • Agosto Nuñez

    I hope that the Microsoft HealthVault app will just be updated INTO the Bing Health & Fitness app, this would create less hassle.

  • 11bern

    I can’t stand bing… and I don’t want Microsoft diddling around with my health data…

  • channy

    bing off

  • HSM

    The excercise video can be seen from multiple angles. Try swiping on the video or select a video angle from the icons at the bottom. It’s pretty cool

  • andi

    This app can be fantastic, while it is not. The kinds of exercises are very limited. I think can be a good resource to add exercises rather than what it is available currently. I was going to use this app, however I couldn’t find the exercises I wanted to work. I am enjoying win 8.1, I really liked this app to be usable.

  • Akr

    Need the app Badly for Android

  • juanitotantan

    You have Google and FB to do that.

  • Alberts

    exactly @juanitotantan:disqus

  • truth seeker

    which google is worse on privacy… they literally disobey the law and continue to do what the courts have specifically told them not to do as per protecting individual privacy…

  • truth seeker

    health vault is more of a digital warehouse where your health information (as much or as little as you put in) can be stored for easy access to track yourself, for doctor’s to help make lifestyle suggestions, and for responders to find emergency information. Bing Health & Fitness is just the self tracker side of things.

  • njsokalski

    I agree. I have been using HealthVault for years now, so I have a lot of information entered there. MSN Health & Fitness has some nice information, but nowhere to put all of my information. I think that HealthVault and MSN Health & Fitness should be merged. I don’t mind if it is part of MSN, I just want them to be together in one place.