Slideshow: BlackBerry Health and Fitness Apps

By: Brian Dolan | Jun 19, 2009        

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Livestrong Calorie Tracker

livestrong blackberry app

After finding the nutrition facts from Calorie Count, BlackBerry users can track their intake with Livestrong’s Calorie Tracker. They can use this app to figure out their target weight and target daily calorie intake as well as log all of their food consumption for the day. The app also has a database of food items and calorie content much like Calorie Count. One bonus feature is that Livestrong also tracks exercise and the amount of calories a user burns on a daily basis.

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  • Bill

    I use this application on a daily basis. I especially like the desktop synchronization that allows me to store all of my information at home on my desktop.

    It’s been fairly easy to use and my waistline seems to be improving because of it.

    I recommend it highly.

  • Cheap BlackBerry

    This is AWESOME! I’ve recently just started to want to track my work outs and such, this is great because when im working out I am also listiening to music or checking email on my BB storm anyhow.

  • Tony L.

    I use the free app goodfoodnearyou, especially when I travel or go on buisness trips. It locates my location using the gps on the blackberry to find food places since im always lost when im in areas i am unfamiliar with.