iHealth to launch smaller glucometer, drop test strip price

By: Jonah Comstock | Jun 12, 2014        

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Picture iHealth Align - Device with iPhoneiHealth Labs, a San Francisco-based subsidiary of China’s Andon Health, has received FDA clearance for iHealth Align, a new smaller, smartphone-enabled glucometer. iHealth announced the product along with a new pricing strategy for diabetes care, dubbed Simple Savings.

The new device is just slightly larger than a quarter in circumference and plugs into the phone’s headphone jack, allowing it to be used with either Apple or Android phones. Because it connects to the phone while being used, it’s able to use the phone’s screen as a display, eschewing a native screen.

“We thought, we want to keep the cost down and removing the display will help with some cost issues,” Adam Lin, president of iHealth Labs told MobiHealthNews. “More importantly, if we make a hard connection to the device, the display is your phone. And also I think, for some people, a hard connection onto something gives a sense of security. Sometimes with Bluetooth or WiFi, people will worry, ‘Did I really connect properly?’ With the hard connection, people think ‘Wow, this is really that simple’.”

The device will use the same cloud-based companion app as iHealth’s previous glucometer, released last October, which will remain on the market as a higher end Bluetooth-connected option. The iHealth Align will retail for $16.95, compared to the $29.95 price tag on the Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System. 

Of course, the real cost to consumers for at-home blood glucose monitoring is in the test strips that must be continuously reordered. Under its Simple Savings program, iHealth will drop the cost of its test strips for both devices to $12.50 for a box of 50 strips ($0.25 a piece), about a quarter of the price of many name brand strips.

“It’s probably more of a known secret in the marketplace that the real margins is within the strips,” Lin said. “We just felt like, we want to pass on all that savings to the end users. It’s got to be simple to understand. You don’t have to go through all these issues for reimbursement. We brought it down to pretty much co-pay.”

Lin thinks the lower cost will bring iHealth more market share, and it will be hard for the bigger players with larger overheads to follow suit. When users take their blood glucose with either of iHealth’s devices, they first scan the QR code on the box of test strips, which allows the app to track how many strips are left. iHealth is developing a feature by which users will be able to auto-reorder their strips based on that data, but right now the app simply reminds the user if strips are running low or about to expire.

iHealth’s Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System was featured briefly at Apple’s WWDC event as an example of a smartphone-connected glucometer. Lin said that iHealth has plans to integrate all of its devices with HealthKit.

iHealth Align will be available next month, at first directly from iHealth’s website, and then at Walgreens, before being expanded into iHealth’s other retail locations.

  • dfspm0

    I wonder if it will work on the Ipad and the Ipad mini

  • Sylvain

    According to several recent posts: Apple may be set to end its use of the standard 3.5mm headphone connector — the mini plug — in favor of its proprietary connector, the Lightning port. (http://www.npr.org/2014/06/09/320368529/apple-jacks-the-headphone-port)…

  • Craig Schwarzbek

    This is so needed. Technology in the d-world has been slow moving when compared to other areas of society. Insulin and strips keep jumping in price. It’s nice to see a company recognize the cost of being diabetic as a factor.

  • Geo2015

    Is the meter strictly for the USA? Or does it have Canada’s count too. I noticed in other US meters, the glucose count differs from Canadian meters. It is not available in Canada yet. I have a relative who is purchasing the device for me and another sibling will be returning to Canada. Could you please inform me if this is available for Canadians too. Thank you.