Clinical trial app choices: Expensive, for charity or in-the-making

By: Brian Dolan | Aug 4, 2009        

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The market for clinical trials-focused mobile applications just got competitive and complicated. During the past week two new contenders announced applications to rival the buzzworthy StopWatch Media app, “Clinical Trials,” which has long been the only iPhone application to offer clinical trial data.

Healogica just announced its app, interestingly called Clinical Trials 2.0, which costs only $0.99, a far cry from Stopwatch Media’s original $24.99 pricetag and even its recently dropped $9.99 pricepoint. Does $0.99 still sound like too much? Well, Healogica announced that it would be donating half the proceeds from the purchase of its app to the Pancreative Action Network in recognition of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ continuing battle with pancreatic islet cell cancer.

Another app on the horizon is TrialX, which looks to match users up with the potential clinical trials based on their personal health record information in Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health. Certainly ambitious.

Take a look through this slide show for some screen grabs and videos of these apps in action.

Healogica just announced its Clinical Trials 2.0 app, which aims to help users find the right clinical trials.

From the company: “From diabetes and multiple sclerosis to breast cancer and Crohn’s disease, you can search for clinical trials based on age, sex, zip code and basic medical information. We will be donating half the proceeds from the purchase of this app to the Pancreatic Action Network in recognition of Steve Jobs’ continuing battle with pancreatic islet cell cancer.”

The application costs $0.99.


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  • Jeff Brandt

    Isn’t a browser better for this type of research? What’s the point or am I missing something?

    Jeff Brandt motionPHR for the iPhone

  • Frank Ille

    I agree with Jeff. I have a hard time picturing many people using an iPhone app for this purpose.

    Frank Ille

  • Edward Shin

    Hi Jeff and Frank,

    Healogica does have a browser-based search for clinical trials –

    We actually think that finding patients for clinical trials can happen anywhere – on the web or via mobile devices. The goal is to engage patients and deliver quick and easy ways for them to interact with the clinical trial centers.

    Thanks for the comments and feedback.

    Ed Shin