12 EMRs with remote access iPhone apps

By: Brian Dolan | Jan 16, 2010        

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Epic Systems iPhone app Haiku 3MobiHealthNews broke the news last week that the mobile EHR product that came out of Apple’s pilot with EMR vendor Epic Systems was an iPhone app called Haiku, but Haiku was not the first EMR to grant iPhone and iPod touch users remote access. Epic aside, a number of EMR vendors launched iPhone apps for their clinicians during the past year — what follows is a list of 11 EMR systems that have gone mobile for the iPhone.

A note on the apps’ descriptions: The content is from the company that made the app — this is how they describe their offering. Also, the pricetag was pulled from Apple’s AppStore, but most of the “Free” apps are actually only free to those users who already have accounts with the EMR vendor. Many of the “free” offerings actually require monthly subscriptions for the ongoing service.

As one might expect, the applications’ in the following slideshow have a wide range in quality of design and seriousness: One systems vendor featured the character Hans Solo (played by Harrison Ford) from the Star Wars movies as the example patient. Other apps look more like experiments judging by their lack of design. There were a few standouts, however, and those should be obvious to any one who scrolls through the screen shots and descriptions of the iPhone EMR apps in the slideshow to follow.

Allscripts Remote Access iPhone app

Allscripts Remote – Free – Allscripts Misys Software – enables providers to remotely control their Allscripts Enterprise EHR or Allscripts Professional EHR from any location. In a matter of seconds, providers can access the power of their practice’s EHR through their Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile device.

With Allscripts Remote, difficult medical decisions that need to be made while out of the office, at the hospital, on call or on personal time can be made more effectively – thus helping providers take control of their time. And with Allscripts Remote, these decisions and actions are recorded in the Allscripts EHR for an immediate, complete and accurate patient record.

Compatible with Enterprise EHR v11 and Professional EHR v. 8.1 and higher, Remote is offered at no cost to physicians for a free thirty day trial. Simply complete the brief registration form for more information.

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  • r. Bhalla

    Despite what they say Supra EMR’s iPhone app soes not work. They have been talking about it for months and months and still do not have the ability to roll it out. WHile their EMR software is cost effective at $10,000 to $12,000, they are underfunded and have poor suport and installation. Too bad, if their iPhone app really worked as they say it does I would buy immediately.

  • http://www.electronicmedicalrecords-emr.com EMR

    I can’t imagine doctors would be any more willing to use a phone app for EMR than what is currently out there?

  • TC

    iSalus has the app too…works incredible and is very cost effective.

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