A healthcare wish-list for the Apple tablet

By: Brian Dolan | Jan 26, 2010        

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Epic Systems iPhone app Haiku 3ReadWriteWeb is tracking the rumored Apple tablet and wondering whether healthcare is the vertical most likely to adopt the tablet. Based on an interview with care providers, including Kaiser Permanente, RWW bulleted out five device capabilities they believe would change healthcare. Here’s what they’re hoping the iSlate enables:

  • Real-time observations, including vitals signs. EHR or no, many systems still require HCPs to note vital signs using pen and paper.
  • Shift changes: RWW believes transitions between nurses would be improved by a device that can move between various workers across shifts and not make the transition process tied to a physical location.
  • Rich content delivery: The device should enable the HCP to share in great detail, video content included, what will happen during their stay.
  • Video: An iSlate could more easily bring remote feeds into the ER and outpatient settings.
  • Family and friends: An iSlate could help connect family and friends with patients whether they are in the waiting room or across the globe.

RWW closes with a prediction:

“If Apple does in fact show a tablet device at the Jan. 27 event, hospitals around the country will react with pilot programs, and we will see tablets and Macs join the iPhone in helping deliver healthcare with a new era of style and grace. It is also true that Apple will have an uphill battle getting past corporate IT; getting support in the enterprise as a new class of device is a daunting challenge. But the ‘iTablet’ will give visionary IT leaders more opportunity to change the status quo and look to the future.”

Be sure to read the full RWW article here

  • George Margelis

    Most of the functionalities decribed are currently available in the Mobile Clinical Assistant platform which has been out now for 2 years.

  • Mary A. England

    Look, no enterprise HC IT strategy would lead with ‘device’ evaluation. Ultimately, devices are afterall, just commodities, witness IBM sale of notebook products to Lenovo.

    The key is HC IT enterprise integration of applications, data access/stores, getting the patient-identified info to the right user, right timing, right data.

    Apple launched a trial balloon of a similiar device in 1995-6, called the NEWTON. How long did it take to recycle that concept?