Yet another Pill tracker app: iPills

By: Brian Dolan | Mar 10, 2009        

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iPillsiPills ScreenshotThis is rather amazing: Yet another medical adherence app for the iPhone that helps users keep track of medications they are taking. The latest is called iPills–not to be confused with The Pill Phone or Pillboxer or myCommunity PillBox, all of which we have covered in the past. 

Stop me when this sounds familiar: iPills lets you set up pills you need to take regularly–at any interval. With iPills your daily pillbox can show you what you need to take and what you’ve already taken. Maybe this is iPills’ value-add: Customize your pills’ appearances so it’s as easy as tapping a pill’s image to tell the app you’ve taken it.

So, what makes a pill tracking application better than the next? The ability to choose a color and shape for a given pill’s icon?

Emily over at posted a brief on iPills earlier today.