Former Lilly diabetes exec’s glucose sensing smartphone case begins crowdfunding

By: Aditi Pai | Nov 17, 2015        

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Akibah GluCaseSan Jose, California-based Akibah just launched a crowdfunding campaign for its connected glucometer smartphone case, called GluCase. The company’s CEO is Larry Ellingson, who was previously chair of the American Diabetes Association as well as executive director of diabetes care at pharma company Eli Lilly.

GluCase stores all the tools that are normally included in a glucose meter kit including a test strip dispenser, a lancet, and a sensor — no additional carrying case is needed.

After users place a blood sample on the test strip, a reading is sent to a companion app via Bluetooth. Only GluCase brand test strips will be compatible with the device. The reading is paired with contextual data that users can input into the app, including diet, activity, and medications. The user’s care team can also access the data if the person with diabetes wishes via a portal. There will also be options for them to receive alerts when readings are either too high or too low. If the care team wants to then communicate with the patient, they can send alerts to the patient’s phone.  Keep reading>>


Roundup of recent digital health hires: Proteus, Walgreens, AliveCor, Vitals

By: Aditi Pai | Nov 17, 2015        

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Molly O'NeillProteus Digital Health, which offers an ingestible sensor and digital medicine system, has hired Molly O’Neill as its chief commercial officer. O’Neill previously served as SVP of business development at Tenet Health, a healthcare services company. Before working at Tenet, O’Neill worked at Ascension Health Care Network, Inova Health System, and Duke University Health System. At Proteus, O’Neill will develop partnerships with major health systems, payers, and other provider customers to commercialize Proteus’ digital medicine offering.

Walgreens President of Digital and Chief Marketing Officer Sona Chawla has left the company for Kohl’s where she will serve as Chief Operating Officer, according to Street Insider. Chawla spent seven years at Walgreens and among other responsibilities, led the teams that launched digital health coaching programs and telehealth services at the company.  Keep reading>>

Withings launches new fitness tracking watch, Activite Steel, priced between Activite and Pop

By: Aditi Pai | Nov 16, 2015        

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Withings Activite SteelWithings has launched its third analog activity tracking device. This one, called Activite Steel, costs $169.95.

The new device is more expensive than the Activite Pop, which costs $149.95, but cheaper than the company’s higher-end device, which costs $450.

Activite Steel shows the user two dials, similar to the other devices. One hand shows the user the time, while the other shows the user’s daily goal progress. The device automatically detects activities, like running and swimming, and will monitor sleep when worn at night. Activite Steel is set in a stainless steel case with chrome hands and silicone straps. Withings claims the Activite Steel has a “distinctive masculine feel”. Data from the Activite Steel is sent to a companion app, available on iOS and Android devices, called Health Mate.  Keep reading>>

DigiSight launches smartphone ophthalmic camera, Android screening app

By: Jonah Comstock | Nov 16, 2015        

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DigiSightDigiSight Technologies has launched a new version of its smartphone-based eyesight test and a new offering called Scope, a hardware-software combined system that allows a medical professional to use the smartphone camera to photograph the back and front of the patient’s eye.

Formerly, DigiSight offered an iOS app called Sightbook that delivered at-home vision screening using an iPhone app. It was piloted at UCLA in 2014. Now the company has built on that work to create a new app, added the hardware/software offering and is working on a data analytics platform. It’s retooled all these offerings into a three-product suite called Paxos.

The app, which will now be available on Android as well as iOS, will be called Paxos Checkup. Although it has clinical value, and each of the tests are FDA registered as Class 1 devices, CEO Doug Foster told MobiHealthNews that the primary use case right now is for clinical trials.

“If you want to create data in between office examinations, there isn’t a standard way to do that today,” he said. “If you want to do a visual acuity data point on a daily basis or a weekly basis, you’d need to do an office examination to create that data. Whereas today for many clinical studies, that data simply doesn’t exist.” Keep reading>>

Cortrium raises $1.6M for clinical health tracking device

By: Aditi Pai | Nov 16, 2015        

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Cortrium C3Denmark-based Cortrium has raised $1.6 million (1.5 million euros) from Myant, a division of Myant Capital Partners, for its connected health tracking device.

Cortrium is developing wearable health sensors designed for both in-patient and home health monitoring. The startup’s device, called the C3, can measure ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, skin surface temperature, heart rate recovery, sleep analysis, heart rate variability, physical activity level, and motion. This data is sent via Bluetooth to a tablet and then onto a portal where it can be reviewed by a provider.

In the next version of the device, it will also track oxygen saturation (SpO2) and blood pressure.  Keep reading>>

Google Ventures leads $8M investment in PatientPing to alert doctors when patients are admitted elsewhere

By: Jonah Comstock | Nov 16, 2015        

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PatientPingReducing readmissions is an oft-repeated goal as the healthcare industry transitions from fee-for-service to value-based care. But “readmissions” can be a bit of a misnomer, since patients aren’t always admitted to the same facility they were discharged from. And a patient’s primary care provider doesn’t always have a way to find out that their patient has turned up in another hospital’s emergency room.

PatientPing is seeking to address this problem. The Boston-based startup just completed an $8 million round led by Google Ventures and FPrime Capital, with additional contributions from First Round Capital and SV Angel. They also announced a previously unreported $1.6 million round, which brings the company’s total funding to $9.6 million.

“There’s a lot of providers who care to know what’s going on with their patient outside of their four walls,” PatientPing CEO and cofounder Jay Desai told MobiHealthNews. “One group is primary care providers. So, if a primary care physician wants to have their practice manager, or a nurse, or themselves get notified when a patient goes anywhere, then they would provide us with their patient roster. Another group might be a large accountable care organization or a physician organization that’s doing care coordination work for all the individual PCPs in their network. … For anyone who has an interest in coordinating care — and it turns out there’s a lot of entities out there — this is a basic problem. There isn’t an infrastructure out there.” Keep reading>>