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This report examines the current state of health and medical related apps through Apple’s AppStore, BlackBerry’s App World and the apps available for Google’s Android platform. This report builds on our inaugural health apps study: “The World of Health and Medical Apps”, which we published in February 2010.

How has the world of health and medical apps changed in the past six months? Which types of apps have seen the most growth between February and September of 2010? According to Apple’s ranking system of Top 1000 apps in its Health category and the Top 1000 apps in its Medical category – which apps have proven to be most successful to date?

MobiHealthNews’ latest report on the world of health and medical apps, “Fastest Growing and Most Successful Health and Medical Apps” will answer these questions and more. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

Table of Contents

2. Table of contents
3. Introduction: Tracking the Growth of Mobile Health Apps
5. Apple’s AppStore for iPhone and iPod touch
8. Apple’s Health & Fitness Category 10. Apple’s Medical Category
12. Apple Subcategory I: Medical Reference Apps
16. Apple Subcategory II: EMR & Operational Apps
19. Apple Subcategory III: Prenatal & Infant Care Apps
22. Apple Subcategory IV: Cardio Fitness Apps
25. Apple Subcategory V: Diet Apps
28. Apple Subcategory VI: Medication Adherence Apps
30. Apple Subcategory VII: Women’s Health Apps
32. Apple Subcategory VIII: Strength Training Apps
35. Apple Subcategory IX: Stress Apps
38. Apple Subcategory X: Calculator Apps
41. Apple Subcategory XI: Smoking Cessation Apps
44. Apple Subcategory XII: Sleep Apps
47. Apple Subcategory XIII: Mental Health Apps
50. Apple Subcategory XIV: Chronic Disease MGMT Apps
53. Apple Subcategory XV: Emergency Care Apps
55. Google Android Health Related Apps
57. BlackBerry App World
59. Closing Thoughts: The fastest growing health app categories

Selected Diagram Titles:

Average Price of New Apps by Intended User
Percent Growth of iPhone Health & Fitness Subcategories
Breakdown of Types of Apps in Medical Category’s Top 1000
Average Price of Each Medical Subcategory
Top Ten Medical Reference Apps
Percent Growth of EMR & Operational App Subcategories
Breakdown of Diet related Subcategories
Top Ten Diet Related Apps
Percent Growth of Chronic Disease Management Subcategories
Average Price of Chronic Disease Management Subcategories
Top Ten Chronic Disease Management Apps
Percent Growth of BlackBerry Health App Subcategories
Average Price of Google Android Health App Subcategories